Usono Leapfunder Eindhoven Ultrasound ProbeFix

Usono facilitates medical staff in their work to provide better care, by rethinking the context of use and developing new ultrasound accessories, designs and applications. Usono radically changes the ultrasound application market by improving and innovating the way ultrasound is used. The ProbeFix improves cardiology ultrasound procedures by fixating a probe on the body enabling handsfree and lenghty monitoring. The ProbeFix S is designed for sports applications and makes dynamic monitoring possible.


The Probefix, provides correct and stable fixation of an ultrasound transducer on the body in an easy and patient-friendly manner. This tool empowers doctors to improve their current procedures and even creates new applications.

ProbeFix S

The ProbeFix S is specifically designed for sports and dynamic excercises, which gives multiple possible applications in muscle recovery and other diagnostic features. In combination with innovative products like the Philips Lumify, dynamic measurements can be easily performed while an athlete is running or cycling. This allows new research and optimization possibilities.

Usono Eindhoven Ultrasound ProbeFix HighTechXL


Our combined strength of Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Design creates a uniquely positioned team. The combined knowledge of 15 years of experience in medical product design, user-centered design, and rapid prototyping allows us to iterate and refine the product in close-cooperation with doctors. Our entrepreneurial mindset drives us to be innovative to find creative solutions within the hospital. This leads to a business approach in the hospital where critical questions are asked, market opportunities are identified and products are created that lead to a scalable business.

Benjamin Tchang, CEO

MSc. Biomedical Engineering

Victor Donker, COO

MSc. Industrial Design

Jori Verbeek, CTO

MSc. Industrial Design


We're continously looking for talents to strengthen our team. Are you interested to work in an inspiring environment? Are you ready to be involved in a start-up culture on the High Tech Campus? Come and join Usono!

We currently have two open vacancies, for Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. All open for Bachelor or Master students to apply.
Do you want to be part of our company in any other way, please feel free to send a message to